The slow path out of wallowing

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote a blog but not so long since I’ve written or done something worth blogging about. I’m behind. Always behind. Trying to find patience for myself. When I write out everything I did or do in a day, the list is always longer than I imagined. If I didn’t get everything done, maybe I just had too much to do.

The weight

For years and years, I’ve had a pile of computer bits I couldn’t get rid of without tossing to the landfill. A lot was mine but my old roommate left an at-least-equal pile odd cables, drives, ISA cards(!), and other miscellaneous odds and ends behind when he moved out. I’d taken the heat for all of it when he was still living with me but I couldn’t find a way to get rid of it.

General October check-in

Content note: Food, mental illness.

I know I said something about getting the Halloween stuff together and posting it but it looks like it’s not happening this year. Sorry, everyone. 🤦‍♀️


Message to engagement folks: Be better.

  • “Open immediately - Time sensitive material!”
  • “Important information - Action may be required”

I fantasize about putting the people who bombard me with crap like the above through a similar hell. When you’re rich, you can probably pay someone else to filter through all the noise for you. “My time and attention are valuable. If yours was, you could pay someone to filter it for you too.”

Only our time, attention, and meta data are valuable or these folks wouldn’t be paying money to get it.

Resource page reorganization

I reorganized the resource page to be multiple pages for a bunch of reasons. Some changes as a result of that: More categories showing up on the sidebar. Also more specific warnings.

One of the things I wanted for this change was for the introduction to show up at the top of each applicable category. That’s working successfully.

Content note: Food related stuff below the break.