Lazy weekend

Failure to use skills I don't have 'ruins' my weekend in the best way

Recently, I went on a bit of a rant on Mastodon about a problem in our culture about blaming people who lack certain resources for their lack of having those resources. Victim blaming. It’s all over everything in western culture. The two examples I used were getting sufficient sleep1 and coping skills/strategies2. I don’t know how clear it was from my toots but I wasn’t coping well when I wrote it.

Programming note

Update: Upgrade successful.

I’m upgrading my OS today. A big update. This is going to break some of my tools … hopefully not Hugo (what I make this blog with) but it’s still a possibility.

If I appear to be gone for longer than usual, you can check in with me on Mastodon.

You can't write on an empty tank

I’ve been struggling to cope with all my time constraints while dealing with a lack of energy. It’s an old struggle, not a new one. I keep deciding “I’ll make this a light chores weekend” and then I feel exhausted at the end of the “light chores.” I wrote out the list of what I was doing. It wasn’t light or short. And I still haven’t found a way to pare that list down to something more manageable.

It's not always so bad being a beginner

Or Eve gets a sewing machine

There’s a concept I learned from meditation called Beginner’s Mind. In a way, it’s about seeing things with fresh eyes but it’s also about approaching whatever you’re doing as if you were a beginner. Even when you’re an expert or you’re at an advanced level in that topic.

I’ve been putting off making something I’ve wanted for a long time because I didn’t have a sewing machine and didn’t have any experience using one. After lots of research and watching videos, I finally got my sewing machine this week. I used the Quick Guide to set it up, cut a piece of scrap, and sewed a 2.5 inch long seam. It mostly went great.

Beginner’s Luck, it turned out.