Getting it right

Content note: Food mention.

About a month ago, I threw together some veggies with some olive oil, herbs, and spices, and roasted them in the oven. It came out like a dream. I didn’t write down what ingredients I put in so obviously I forgot some key ingredients right away. I didn’t have any way to get the knowledge back except trial and error. Once a week for the last month, I’ve been baking up a new batch of vegetables, tweaking the herbs and spices a bit each time.

It kind of reminded me of stumbling on an old piece I’d written and not realizing it was mine. The piece was hilarious. I went to see who wrote it and facepalmed when I realized it was mine and the comedic author I’d loved so much was me. I’d accidentally been hilarious and I don’t know what the disconnect is.

And I guess the fix is the same: trial and error. In other words, practice.

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