Lazy weekend

Failure to use skills I don't have 'ruins' my weekend in the best way

Recently, I went on a bit of a rant on Mastodon about a problem in our culture about blaming people who lack certain resources for their lack of having those resources. Victim blaming. It’s all over everything in western culture. The two examples I used were getting sufficient sleep1 and coping skills/strategies2. I don’t know how clear it was from my toots but I wasn’t coping well when I wrote it.

You can't write on an empty tank

I’ve been struggling to cope with all my time constraints while dealing with a lack of energy. It’s an old struggle, not a new one. I keep deciding “I’ll make this a light chores weekend” and then I feel exhausted at the end of the “light chores.” I wrote out the list of what I was doing. It wasn’t light or short. And I still haven’t found a way to pare that list down to something more manageable.

General October check-in

Content note: Food, mental illness.

I know I said something about getting the Halloween stuff together and posting it but it looks like it’s not happening this year. Sorry, everyone. 🤦‍♀️