The slow path out of wallowing

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote a blog but not so long since I’ve written or done something worth blogging about. I’m behind. Always behind. Trying to find patience for myself. When I write out everything I did or do in a day, the list is always longer than I imagined. If I didn’t get everything done, maybe I just had too much to do.

General October check-in

Content note: Food, mental illness.

I know I said something about getting the Halloween stuff together and posting it but it looks like it’s not happening this year. Sorry, everyone. 🤦‍♀️

Preparation for the hallowed days

of Halloween

Speaking of the time of year, I wrote a three day Halloween centered holiday festival thing last year. It’s kind of a set of rituals for reconnecting with the parts of your personal community you need to reconnect with.

I wrote it for a particular audience and I have a different audience this year. I’ll try to re-write it for this year along with an explanation of why I think it’s important to have something like it. But not today.

Not just writing

I didn’t forget I have a blog. I just got tied up on writing. I wrote a bunch of words and it kind of ate up all my blogging time. Not to mention my relaxing time and my time for all the other things outside of the day job. I tend to do a lot of thinking on my commute. Sometimes I’m just planning out projects or my week. Other times, I’m thinking about how to do life differently.