Preparation for the hallowed days

of Halloween

Speaking of the time of year, I wrote a three day Halloween centered holiday festival thing last year. It’s kind of a set of rituals for reconnecting with the parts of your personal community you need to reconnect with.

I wrote it for a particular audience and I have a different audience this year. I’ll try to re-write it for this year along with an explanation of why I think it’s important to have something like it. But not today.

My unintentional writing experiment has screwed up my sleep schedule and severely delayed some of my other projects. I need some way to make it more difficult to spend more than 45 minutes writing. I’ll let you know if I figure that out. “Nice problem to have!” Yes and no. I need to sleep, relax, and get out of the house sometime even if it is nice to know I could finish up a novel in ~1.5 months if I had to for some reason.

I might switch my focus to music for a bit while I figure out what I want to write next. Or maybe to knitting. It’s the time of year when I have to find something mindless to do to keep my mind off the darkness. Whatever I did last year didn’t work out very well (and I guess wasn’t memorable).


I heard this song for the first time recently and thought you might enjoy it. Why I’m listening to classical music lately is a topic for another day.

I also added a tag for music (Jukebox) so you can find posts with music links / embeds in them. This theme won’t show them above the break for whatever reason so it may not make sense for me to post music by itself often but we’ll see.

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