Lazy weekend

Failure to use skills I don't have 'ruins' my weekend in the best way

Recently, I went on a bit of a rant on Mastodon about a problem in our culture about blaming people who lack certain resources for their lack of having those resources. Victim blaming. It’s all over everything in western culture. The two examples I used were getting sufficient sleep1 and coping skills/strategies2. I don’t know how clear it was from my toots but I wasn’t coping well when I wrote it.

The slow path out of wallowing

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote a blog but not so long since I’ve written or done something worth blogging about. I’m behind. Always behind. Trying to find patience for myself. When I write out everything I did or do in a day, the list is always longer than I imagined. If I didn’t get everything done, maybe I just had too much to do.

A slow start to September

If you follow me on Mastodon, you know I’ve had an interesting time for the last two weeks. I can’t get into the details of what or why but I’ve been traveling without my computer, in cramped spaces with way too many loud people, I’ve had all sorts of unreasonable demands on my time.