Youtube is really the best way to learn how to knit if you can’t learn from family, friends, or people in a knitting circle. Find videos of people knitting with absurdly large needles and super bulky (or bigger!) yarn to learn the specific techniques. For my first project, I started each swap between knits and purls by watching a video on the one I was about to do. That sounds like a lot but if you don’t have someone who can teach you in person, it’s the best you can get without leaving the house.


There isn’t much to this section. I used to program in VBS and I’ve played with Ruby a bit over the years, and I’d be ok at JS if it wasn’t for HTML DOM but that’s about the depth of my real hard experience. Aside from HTML/CSS (some folks say they’re not real programming languages … I don’t care whether they are or not), I’ve really only worked with Twine and Javascript over the past several years.