Bad weeks

I had a pretty bad writing week last week. I got plenty of sleep though. Lots of unscheduled naps. There’s only so much you can do emotionally and physically. I guess I did all I could do in and between commutes.

I didn’t update this blog either. 🎉 In a way, I’ve had a bad few weeks on a lot of fronts.

In the past, a dry spell of a week (or even a few days) could turn into a quitting point pretty easily. Lately, I’ve been better about not quitting when I break a streak. Did I accidentally learn some secret? I kind of doubt it. If I did, it’s totally subconscious and I don’t have any useful way of communicating it.

Maybe it’s just something I picked up as a part of getting older.

Again, not useful.

But maybe what is useful is this: No one has all the answers. Even on a single, very specific topic, no one has all the answers.

Word counts aren't the enemy

But they shouldn't be your boss either

I obsess about word counts. I think a lot of writers do. If you’ve done NaNoWriMo, you’ve probably got 1667 words per day drilled into your head (the exact number of words you have to do to finish 50K in 30 days without breaks).

(Note: This post has a lot of adult language in it.)

Disaster preparedness for creatives

Beyond the every day concerns we all face during potential disasters, if you’re a writer or artist who works with computers, you also think about the work you’d lose if you have to leave your computer behind. My immediate area made it through the hurricane without much damage. I personally got very lucky. It reminded me I needed to talk about backups. I have two projects I’m working on where I don’t even have one backup.

Overwork and a helpful waste of time

When I work too hard for too long, I can end up with a bit of a crash. Sometimes it means I don’t have energy to do anything else. Sometimes it means I have a lower threshold before I cry at the drop of the hat or let anger show more easily.

And sometimes it means taking a nap. Naps are bad because I have insomnia and a nap can throw me into a two or three week cycle of disrupted sleep.


I did a lot but ...

Today has been one hell of a day. I was late to work because of a wreck just ahead of me on the road. Things went downhill from there. All the way until I got back home from work, decided, I was doing nothing at all this evening … and got Neocities’ CLI working on my computer instead.

I’ve done a lot in the past two days but, because none of it was directly writing related, I feel like such a slacker. So the Resources file is more updated than it was before and I fixed some mistakes there.

Hopefully soon I’ll have some non-blog related stuff to talk about