Bad weeks

I had a pretty bad writing week last week. I got plenty of sleep though. Lots of unscheduled naps. There’s only so much you can do emotionally and physically. I guess I did all I could do in and between commutes.

I didn’t update this blog either. 🎉 In a way, I’ve had a bad few weeks on a lot of fronts.

In the past, a dry spell of a week (or even a few days) could turn into a quitting point pretty easily. Lately, I’ve been better about not quitting when I break a streak. Did I accidentally learn some secret? I kind of doubt it. If I did, it’s totally subconscious and I don’t have any useful way of communicating it.

Maybe it’s just something I picked up as a part of getting older.

Again, not useful.

But maybe what is useful is this: No one has all the answers. Even on a single, very specific topic, no one has all the answers.

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