I did a lot but ...

Today has been one hell of a day. I was late to work because of a wreck just ahead of me on the road. Things went downhill from there. All the way until I got back home from work, decided, I was doing nothing at all this evening … and got Neocities’ CLI working on my computer instead.

I’ve done a lot in the past two days but, because none of it was directly writing related, I feel like such a slacker. So the Resources file is more updated than it was before and I fixed some mistakes there.

Hopefully soon I’ll have some non-blog related stuff to talk about

A slow start to September

If you follow me on Mastodon, you know I’ve had an interesting time for the last two weeks. I can’t get into the details of what or why but I’ve been traveling without my computer, in cramped spaces with way too many loud people, I’ve had all sorts of unreasonable demands on my time.