!! Introduction - READ THIS PLEASE !!

Please read the introduction if you have triggers to be concerned about.

If there’s something in a resource page that needs a warning, the warning will be up at the top before the break. If I make a mistake and miss a warning you need, please contact me on Mastodon. Let me know the page address and which warning I missed and I’ll fix it as soon as I can.

I’m not an expert in any of this stuff but the links I’ve provided were helpful to me. So maybe they’ll help you.

In some cases, I’m giving you instructions I wrote myself because no one else bothered (one of my life’s biggest frustrations). Sorry in advance. If you’re trying to do the exact thing I was trying to do then it’s at least more information than you had.

Right now this list doesn’t have much in it. I have a years of links to go through and this is a work in progress. If you look through this and go “Oh my god are you serious this is a lot of stuff” … I am so serious. The amount of unsorted resources I have is at least 100x times what’s in here right now.

If you have suggestions, corrections, or requests, please contact me on Mastodon.


This blog uses Hugo and the Mainroad theme. Hugo is one of many static site generators. Static Gens are software suites that dynamically create sites using simplified markup languages such as Markdown. The sites don’t rely on PHP, Node.js, or other server side programming. Static sites can look and feel like modern websites with no special software running on the servers. This allows you to (comparatively) easily create very nice websites and blogs without requiring expensive hosting, a really steep learning curve, and potentially risky services from a security perspective.


There isn’t much to this section. I used to program in VBS and I’ve played with Ruby a bit over the years, and I’d be ok at JS if it wasn’t for HTML DOM but that’s about the depth of my real hard experience. Aside from HTML/CSS (some folks say they’re not real programming languages … I don’t care whether they are or not), I’ve really only worked with Twine and Javascript over the past several years.