Lazy weekend

Failure to use skills I don't have 'ruins' my weekend in the best way

Recently, I went on a bit of a rant on Mastodon about a problem in our culture about blaming people who lack certain resources for their lack of having those resources. Victim blaming. It’s all over everything in western culture. The two examples I used were getting sufficient sleep1 and coping skills/strategies2. I don’t know how clear it was from my toots but I wasn’t coping well when I wrote it.

Programming note

Update: Upgrade successful.

I’m upgrading my OS today. A big update. This is going to break some of my tools … hopefully not Hugo (what I make this blog with) but it’s still a possibility.

If I appear to be gone for longer than usual, you can check in with me on Mastodon.

CLI test

This is a test

This is a test. If nothing breaks, we could be good.

Welcome to the mess

I’ve been working on putting this blog together off and on for over a year. This isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I first started working on it and eventually it’ll get forwarded to a server and there will be a new blog and site to go with it.

You can expect blogging about writing, workflows for publishing prose, crafty stuff, diary-ish entries, book/show/movie reviews, and other stuff.

That’s a nice small list of things and should make this blog pretty manageable.

I built my blog with Hugo and the Mainroad theme. It’s not perfect but it’s working pretty well. Check out Resources for an overview of how I made this blog.