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It's not always so bad being a beginner

Or Eve gets a sewing machine

There’s a concept I learned from meditation called Beginner’s Mind. In a way, it’s about seeing things with fresh eyes but it’s also about approaching whatever you’re doing as if you were a beginner. Even when you’re an expert or you’re at an advanced level in that topic.

I’ve been putting off making something I’ve wanted for a long time because I didn’t have a sewing machine and didn’t have any experience using one. After lots of research and watching videos, I finally got my sewing machine this week. I used the Quick Guide to set it up, cut a piece of scrap, and sewed a 2.5 inch long seam. It mostly went great.

Beginner’s Luck, it turned out.


Youtube is really the best way to learn how to knit if you can’t learn from family, friends, or people in a knitting circle. Find videos of people knitting with absurdly large needles and super bulky (or bigger!) yarn to learn the specific techniques. For my first project, I started each swap between knits and purls by watching a video on the one I was about to do. That sounds like a lot but if you don’t have someone who can teach you in person, it’s the best you can get without leaving the house.