Resource page reorganization

I reorganized the resource page to be multiple pages for a bunch of reasons. Some changes as a result of that: More categories showing up on the sidebar. Also more specific warnings.

One of the things I wanted for this change was for the introduction to show up at the top of each applicable category. That’s working successfully.

Content note: Food related stuff below the break.

Welcome to the mess

I’ve been working on putting this blog together off and on for over a year. This isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I first started working on it and eventually it’ll get forwarded to a server and there will be a new blog and site to go with it.

You can expect blogging about writing, workflows for publishing prose, crafty stuff, diary-ish entries, book/show/movie reviews, and other stuff.

That’s a nice small list of things and should make this blog pretty manageable.

I built my blog with Hugo and the Mainroad theme. It’s not perfect but it’s working pretty well. Check out Resources for an overview of how I made this blog.