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Content note: This is a food related post. One recipe has alcohol. Please use the index to avoid if needed.

These are mostly organized by the protein involved. I eat very little beef so I don’t have a beef section at this point.

Slow cooker recipes are concentrated primarily in this page. I also have one pan meals. If you’re looking for Pizza, check the baking page.


  • Chicken and Dumplings III
  • Chicken Corn Chili — Slow cooker recipe that needs some adjustment. Ignore their times unless you like grey mush chicken. Slow cook the chicken for 4 hours. Pull the chicken out and shred with forks. Put the chicken back in for another hour. Add the corn and the beans (P.S. you can substitute black beans if you like) including the juices from the can. If you use dry beans, prep and cook them separately ahead of time and add some extra water to compensate.
  • Eve’s Fried Chicken — This is a fried chicken recipe I developed myself.
  • One Pot Chicken Alfredo — This is a very tasty recipe.
  • Roast chicken — One of several ways to cook a chicken in the oven.
  • Slow Cooker Whole Chicken — I don’t have white pepper and skipped step three. This came out lovely anyway.

Pork - One of these recipes has alcohol

  • Miracle Lasagna — This comes from the box and is vegetarian as written (if you get rennet-free ricotta) but I tend to cook up a pound of breakfast sausage … and we can’t get rennet free ricotta here.
  • Pork Dijon Marsala — This has wine. I recommend getting the drinking kind instead of the cooking kind. But don’t drink it. It’s kind of nasty IMO. Use it to make this recipe instead.
  • Regina’s Pork Roast


I have a lot of vegan recipes. Somewhere. These are the ones I make all the time so I know where I put them. I’ll find the rest one of these days.

I have vegan and vegetarian recipes on my side dishes page also.

  • The Best Tofu Recipe — The title might be an exaggeration but it’s definitely the best tofu recipe I’ve made.
  • Black bean salsa soup — Calls for an immersion blender (but doesn’t absolutely have to have one) and it’s not vegan if you use the sour cream they suggest.
  • Creamy Chickpea Curry — I found this one recently and I’ve been making it pretty regularly ever since. It’s a great recipe but I recommend spicing it up a bit because it’s a bit mild as written. If you want to use dry chickpeas like I did, use 12.25 oz by dry weight and prepare according to the instructions on the bag. Add at least 1 tsp of salt to the end of the recipe.
  • Split pea soup — Add some soy sauce just before you eat it.
  • Slow cooker white bean soup — Absolute favorite.


  • Veggie Packed Freezer Ready Breakfast Sandwiches — These are a great make-ahead breakfast. It took about ten minutes longer to bake them than the recipe suggests. May be my oven but I used the same pan they did in the photos so it’s not my pan.

One Pan meals

These will either feed ~4 with a side or make 4 lunches.

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